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Lighting the Cigar

There are a few steps to getting your cigar ready to ensure the best possible smoking experience. In this brief video, Gregg shows several methods for cutting your cigars, as well as toasting and lighting to get a good even burn. If you’re new to cigar smoking, and even if you’re not, we think you’ll enjoy this video!

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2 Comments to “Lighting the Cigar”

  1. Great use of Social Media. The only suggestion that I have is that I would have added the store address & phone# for those that have never been to the greatest cigar lounge in Southern California.

    Great crew; Mitch, who is celebrating 7 years, Dee Dee, yum yum, & of course Gregg

    Come down & share a fine cigar & laughter with some of the greatest “regulars” like Mikey The Midget, Hawaiian Bill, Aki, D-White, Reggie the Walking Encyclopedia, Good Guy Ben, Semper Fi Eric, the only Marine with a Mohawk, Leave Me Alone I’m Reading Steve, Phrankie From Da Wags, Lumpy, Buffalo Sabre Andy. I know I missed alot of others, but these are a few of the characters you’ll find.

    See address, phone# & Store Hours below.

    Store Hours:
    Monday 11:00-5:00
    Tuesday – Friday 11:00 – 8:00
    Saturday 10:30-7:00
    Sunday 11:00-5:00

  2. Bill your amazing and we are who we are because of great people like you that see the quality we try hard to put forth to keep our guys and gals happy.

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