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What about Cuban Cigars?

1 April 2010

Cuban cigars are a topic of controversy to some degree. Prior to President John F. Kennedy signing the Cuban embargo into law, they were popular with Americans, and for good reason. Learn more about Cuban cigars in this short video interview with Gregg at Cigar Grotto in Oceanside.

Lighting the Cigar

15 March 2010

There are a few steps to getting your cigar ready to ensure the best possible smoking experience. In this brief video, Gregg shows several methods for cutting your cigars, as well as toasting and lighting to get a good even burn. If you’re new to cigar smoking, and even if you’re not, we think you’ll enjoy this video!

Joya de Nicaragua

25 February 2010

Drew Estate has brought us the fabulous Joya de Nicaragua cigars and we are eager to share them with you at our upcoming in-store event and cigar dinner! If you haven’t tried one yet, you’re missing out. Below we’re posting a video from Joya de Nicaragua so you can find out more about this great brand of cigars.

Make plans to join us on Friday between 3-6pm and take advantage of special deals on Drew Estate and Joya de Nicaragua cigars. You’ll get a free cigar when you buy 4,  or buy a box (or mix-match 20 cigars) and get 7 free cigars, a cutter and a hat!

A Rare Glimpse into Cigar Production with Drew Estate

24 February 2010

On Friday, we’ll have some great specials on Drew Estate cigars, so we’d like to give you a little peek into cigar making. The two videos below are brief, but reveal some interesting facts about cigar production that we think you’ll enjoy seeing and all without having to spring for airfare to Nicaragua!

Drew Estate Production Salon

Drew Estate – The Leaf

Getting Started – Introduction to the Cigar

5 February 2010

Everyone has to start somewhere. If you are new to cigar smoking, or know someone who is, you’ll enjoy this video, which offers suggestions for getting started and some cigars you might enjoy. Share it with your friends and then bring them down to the shop to show them YOUR favorites!

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