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A Smokin Hot New Years Cigar Social

18 January 2015

Hey fellow Aficionados let’s celebrate the New Year again.

Thursday January 29, 2015
Starting @ 6:30pm
Carlsbad Hennessey’s

Thursday January 29, 2015
Starting @ 6:30 pm


A fine Cigar from “The Cigar Grotto”
A Pint of Beer from Latitude 33
Appetizer Spread
Flat Iron Steak topped with Sautéed Onions , Bake Potato and House Salad

“Conversation with other cigar aficionado’s”
Live entertainment to follow so plan on sticking around

6:30-9:00 is for those enjoying the dinner package, If you would like to join us for cocktails and cigars pleas feel fr after 9:00.

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