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Drew Estate Cigar Social & Event

Don’t miss the madness and mayhem with Drew Estate Cara & Gregg at Cigar Grotto for crazy deals then join us where the fun and event continue.

March 15, 2017
In Store Event with Gregg & Cara
3:00 – 5:00

Cigar Social @ Carlsbad Hennessey’s
6:00 til we decide to leave

$29.95 per person

 A fine Cigar from “The Cigar Grotto”
 Pint Beer
 Flat Iron Steak w/Guinness Gravy, Horseradish Mashers and Brussels sautéed in a bacon butter.
 “Conversation with other cigar aficionado’s”

Only those partaking in the dinner package prior to 9:00
For those not partaking in the dinner, you can purchase cigars and cocktails after 9:00 (no dinner)

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