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Cigar Grotto Is Bringing Back The Cigar Socials.

17 April 2013







You can’t keep a good Cigar, or Good Cigar Store Owner down, and Carlsbad’s smoking ban couldn’t either.

We’re going to kick off the first of many in Oceanside Harbor at Monterey Bay Canners. An amazing view, great food, fine cigars and fabulous friendly people. Can’t wait to see all your faces again.

Dig into an 8oz prime top sirloin
with mashed potatoes and salad
One draft beer from Latitude 33
And of course your fine cigar from Cigar Grotto

(bring your iPhone, we want pictures.

Monterey Bay Canners
May 16, 2013
6:00 pm – 9:00

As you enter the harbor follow the road to the right, it is on your left.

email me r message me with any questions.

Cigar Grotto Teams Up With No Kids Go Hungry and Joe’s Crab Shack

29 September 2010

Dear Cigar Grotto Family,

For the months of October, November and December, we have teamed up with Joe’s Crab Shack (any location) and No Kid Goes Hungry. Most of us are parents, or have children in our lives. I can’t imagine knowing my children did not have enough to eat and I had nowhere to turn. No Kids Go Hungry is making a difference, and Cigar Grotto wants to do what small part we can and hope you will join us. You can read more here:

You can help by stopping by Cigar Grotto and picking up your coupon for $5.00 which is good for a Crab Nachos Appetizer, they also have Key Lime Pie for $1.00.
100% of the proceeds go directly to No Kid Goes Hungry.

As you know a nice time with view like that cost a bit more than $5.00.  You can spend time with the family, date…, or friends, enjoy the fabulous view of the Oceanside Harbor, and Crab Nachos all while helping a child.

Feel free to join Gregg and I (November) when we go and we can enjoy a cigar after wards at one of the fantastic restaurant in the harbor with a patio (Jolly Rogers, Monterey Bay Canners.)
We have one of the most beautiful harbors around, when your done with your meal take a stroll or a walk on the beach.

While your enjoying yourself, please take one minute to remember your donation of  $5.00, which brought a meal and a good time just fed a child for a month.
Gregg and I Thank You!

Coupons are limited. They are in the store NOW and are good until 12/31/2010

Gregg & DeeDee Engels
Proud Parents & Grandparents