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Drew Estate Trip

3 April 2010

Drew Estate Cigar Safari, Wow! Gregg and I just returned from a four day, three night stay with Jonathan Drew of Drew Estate in Estelle Nicaragua. Again, WOW!  What a beautiful place to learn even more about cigars and the success of “The Rebirth of the Cigar.” We were honored to spend time with Jonathan a very humble man and meet the people behind the scenes. You all know and love Fabien and how much he has done to bring us to this brand of cigar, but there are so many more; Jesse the artist, a big teddy bear is amazing, a master of creativity,  (love the pink shirt Jesse,)  our tour guide and Nicaraguan resident, Pedro, who taught himself English to do this because he believed in Drew Estate. It’s encouraging to see what Drew Estate and so many other cigar manufacturers do for their country. But a couple, like Drew Estate, seem to go above and beyond and you can feel the love.

Jonathan took us through the 2nd largest plant (by two square feet)  plantation, where they do everything from beginning to end, other than grow the tobacco themselves, that coming soon (can you say group trip?) . We were also able to visit the man himself, Orlando Padron at the Padron plant, where we witnessed Orlando rave about “the man,” Jonathan Drew. Remember people, he’s not one of their own,  but because of the way he has embraced their country, their needs, beliefs and the dedication to the history of the cigar, he has been embraced by one of the all-time great families in this business.  Check out the pictures in the gallery. I hope you enjoy them!